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Friday, September 15, 2006


Succat: pseudonym of hitchhiker and global itinerant whose monikor — Maewyn Succat — appears on road signs around the world, left school at 18 for life on the road . . . {edit: see footnote*}

Some years later, and frustrated with a succession of menial and temporary jobs to pay his way, Succat retrained. These days, a camera rig supports his wander lust and here's some examples of Succat's work.

Homeless and itinerant, with a backpack and tent, Succat's journey is not about geography but the people he meets . . .

25 August 1952

Formative Education:
9 years primary (Brigidine nuns)
5 years college (Marist priests)

Adult Education:
4 years tertiary: photography / photojournalism major

Asia Minor
South East Asia
Australia & New Zealand
North Africa
Middle East

Currently travelling . . . here

What's in a name: many travellers assume road names and mine is that of my patron saint who was born Maewyn Succat in 387 AD at Kilpatrick, Scotland, the son of Calpurnius and Conchessato who were Roman officials in local government.

At 16 years of age, Succat was kidnapped by pirates and taken to Ireland where he was sold to a Druid high priest in Antrim. Working as a shepherd slave, Succat became fluent in Irish and knowledgeable in Druidism.

After many years of captivity Succat escaped, returning again sometime after 432 AD — an ordained priest and bishop using the name "Patercius" or "Patritius" (derived from two Latin words 'pater civium' meaning the father of his people) which was conferred on him by Pope Celestine.

Succat died on 17 March 460 AD and is credited with bringing Christianity to Ireland. Today, Succat is known as Patrick — which is my given name . . .


{*} Footnote:

Succat served his country for seven years prior his life on the road and the following portal provides an introduction to those events which led to this nomadic existence:

Succat Serials X


. . . and the journeying is towards God . . . . / . Qur'an