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Friday, September 15, 2006

Road Gear . . .

In popular images of the Richard Whittington story, Dick carries his luggage tied in cloth and attached to a stick slung over the shoulder.

Although illustrators have varied this archetype over centuries, my childhood memory of the material is a bright red handkerchief with white dots.

Manufacturers of modern travel gear have dispensed with handkerchiefs and sticks but the concept of carrying one's luggage suspended from the shoulders remains in common use . . .


Succat does not receive sponsorship, renumeration nor reward of any kind for his endorsement of the products listed here
He uses them because, in his view, they are the best available items in their class

In my years on the road I have used and tested a variety of equipment — until 1993 when I first trialled gear from Macpac
They remain my prefered manufacturer:

• Backpack:

Macpac's Cascade

• Frontpack:

Macpac's "KESTRAL" (no longer in production)

• Tent:
Macpac's "CELESTE" (no longer in production)

* . . . some of my thoughts on selecting and using a tent -- here


• Sleeping Bag:

Macpac's Latitude 700 LOFTPRO

• Boots:

Asolo TPS-520

• Stove:

Succat's Review . . . MSR's XGK-EX

• Photography Equipment:

Succat uses the Nikon System coupled to his D2Xs and FM3A with image processing & editing done on a Sony Vaio Notebook — all of which is carried in the Pro Trekker II from "Lowepro"

• Clothing:
Succat wears the local attire on his journeys but, for thermal protection, recommends a layered wool system and uses Ice Breaker products manufactured from Merino sheep

• And . . .
the Brauke RuXXac® cart!

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